In November 2017, the European Union launched a restricted call for proposal in a bid to support Local Authorities (LA) and Civil Society Organisation (CSO) towards reinforced local governance, accountability and inclusive policy-making at local levels to ensure people living in localities administered by Las participate in local public affairs and receive adequate fundamental services.

The overall objective of the call for proposal was to enhance CSO & LAs capacities and contribution in governance and development process in Sierra Leone, strengthening decentralization and local development processes and contributing to poverty reduction and the attainment of sustainable development goals (SDG) in accordance with a Territorial Approach to Local Development (TALD)

Port Loko District Council participated in the competitive grant application and submitted a concept note and full proposal titled “Promoting Community Development and Effective Local Governance System in Port Loko District”. In compliance with the guidelines provided for application. The overall aim of this action is to enhance the capacity of Port Loko District Council to mobilize local resources, promote local economic development for effective, accountable and gender responsive public services.


  1. Improve the capacity of local authorities to effectively perform their role as actors in local development at the territorial level;
  2. Improve local democratic governance in rural service delivery;
  3. Improve the level of participation of Civil Society Organizations (particularly women and youth organizations) in development and decision- making processes.


  • Procurement of relevant office  equipment
  • Procurement of Vehicles and Motorbikes  
  • Staff recruitment
  • Project management team put in place
  • Participatory Baseline Assessment
  • National Project Launch
  • Inception Workshop
  • Conduct Local Authorities capacity needs assessment
  • Conduct project management training (Leadership training ,Financial Management training ,participatory approaches)
  • Conduct training in creative thinking and problem solving
  • Organize two multi-stakeholders forum with local authorities ,Womens’ group, Disabled and youth groups for identifying and negotiating local win -win strategies for development and adapting service delivery
  • Assessment of won source revenue potentials in the district
  • Capacity of key Council Core staff and local authorities on effective revenue mobilization and management
  • Review of Council Development Plan
  • Mapping and capacity assessment of existing local CSO’s CBO’s and Media Organization, etc  


  1. Local Government Authorities have improved operational and institutional capacities to implement participatory and gender sensitive development planning approach and increase their engagement with communities
  2. Citizens in the target district (Port Loko) have improved awareness on the role of Local Government in quality service provision and are mobilize to advocate fro participatory Development Planning and better services delivery.
  3. Enhanced Local Government strictures as catalyst for local development actions in partnership with local CSO’s/CBO’s and Citizens platforms